Dr Marcos White

I’ve been working with Tony at Knight Dental for almost 5 years and his veneers and porcelain work have transformed our practice.

From our first meeting his commitment to come and visit my practice 200 miles from his lab was indicative of his passion for what he does.

These days we take for granted the predictability of fit and aesthetics of the work he produces. However I can recall working with other labs where the work would regularly need remakes for a number of reasons. It is this predictability that our practice and our patients have come to depend on.

Following Tony’s advice we invested in a 3shape colour scanner. This has taken our work to another level once more. Providing digital solutions to veneers, anterior crowns and implants, the scope of this technology is truly amazing.

I look forward to working with Knight Dental for many years to come. Our practice and our patients owe them a debt of gratitude.

Dr Komal Suri

I work with Knight Dental Design because of their in-depth understanding of Smile Design principles and techniques. Tony’s lab has a unique combination of artistic ability and cutting edge technology that simplifies my most complex cases.



Thanks for your great work. You listened to what I wanted and delivered exactly the look I had in mind.

Dr Nyghiem

Dr Thang Nghiem

As one of your many satisfied customers, we would not be as successful as we are if it were not for your wonderful dental lab. You have greatly enhanced our practice, judging by the number of compliments we get from our patients who have used your services.

Andrew Mccullock

Dr Andrew McCullock BDS, MSc, FDS, MRD, MRDRCS(Ed)

I have worked with Tony and Dorothy Knight for over thirty years since they started their laboratory. The quality of work has been of a consistently high standard and kept pace with the rapidly changing initiatives of dental technology. Indeed Tony has been at the forefront of many of these developments and advances introducing them into commercial practice, this may be one of the reasons they have won so many coveted awards and are recognised as leaders in their field. When I needed cosmetic work on my own teeth I had no hesitation in choosing Knight Veneers.

Dr Arun Darbar

Hi guys how can I ever thank you. You made it happen for us. These are your awards as much as ours, we all appreciate all the time and the effort your whole team put in to the work. We would like to thank all the team members at Knight Dental Design for all the hard work and the effort put into our award winning entries. Thank you and hope to do some more work at the same level this year. Thank you, you all did a fantastic job share.

Darren Cannell

Dr Darren Cannell

I believe one of the secrets of our success in The Cosmetic Dental Practice has been our collaboration with Knight Dental Design who repeatedly provide us with outstanding ceramic work. I would recommend their work to any cosmetic dental enthusiast unreservedly.

Rory McEnhill

Dr Rory Mc Enhill

I have used Knight dental for over 5 years, and have always been very happy with the quality of their work. With my provision of complex treatments, it is essential that dental technicians have an intimate and contemporary knowledge of all techniques and philosophies that are being provided. Not only do Knight Dental understand what I am asking for, but they also excel in the provision of these services.

Jeff Amos

Dr Jeff Amos

Having worked with you and your dental lab over the last seven years, I can honestly say that your work is second to none. During thirty years of practice, I have not encountered an equivalent level of professionalism, helpfulness and – most importantly – attention to detail.

Bob Khanna

Dr Bob Khanna

While some patients still want the “Hollywood Smile” look with straight white teeth many of my patients want a a great smile but with a more subtle natural impact. Knight’s Hollywood Smiles are as good as any I have seen produced in California but for truly natural aesthetics the smile-makeovers produced in Tony’s Dental Lab are exceptional.

Liam Treadwell

Thank you Tony for all your brilliant work.

Stacy Solomon

Stacy Solomon

Thanks Guys, Stacy.

Karen Brady

Karen Brady

Knight Dental Design are one of the UK’s leading Smile Designers. Their individually crafted ceramic tooth veneers transform hundreds of smiles every year. I am delighted with the results Knight Dental Design have helped my dentist create for me.