Paula Hamilton

Paula Hamilton 80’s supermodel and star of the iconic 1987 Volkswagon Golf TV advert lost her front four teeth in a car accident. Unwilling to face life with a denture Paula opted for permanently fixed teeth attached to four Implants which were designed to look just like her original teeth.

“Thank you so much. I could not contemplate life with a denture. I just couldn’t face my teeth staring at me from a glass on my bedside table every night!! The accident and loss of my teeth really damaged my confidence and self esteem, it was a tough time.

I knew I wanted new teeth that looked and felt just like my own real teeth, permanently fixed in my mouth. The new implant teeth look really amazing and feel as strong as my own teeth before the accident. I can now eat anything and clean my teeth exactly as before.

The care and attention I have received from Tony and the team at Knight Dental Design has been exceptional. Thank you so much for listening and understanding the look I wanted.

You have given me my smile back in more ways than one!”

Lots of Love

Paula Hamilton

Procedures undertaken:

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