Smile Transformations Volume 1

Do your patients have any idea how good you can make them look?

Do you want to do more comprehensive dentistry? More implant, restorative or cosmetic cases?

Smile Transformations Volume1 by Knight Dental Design is a unique and powerful educational and sales tool only available to Knight Dental Design clients. A large glossy hardback book containing 50 stunning cases illustrating the life-changing results that we achieve in partnership with our client practices.

With an introduction by Lady Karen Brady (one of our celebrity patients) the book clearly and beautifully shows the benefits of our solutions to the most common aesthetic dental problems. With a wide range of cases from “Hollywood” smiles to invisible restorations you will be able to quickly and effectively show your patients how you and your lab could transform their smile.

While no dentists’ names are given in the book we would like to thank all of our clients and patients who have kindly agreed to their cases being included. If you would like to have your own cases included in the next edition of the book contact Tony Knight. Final photographs are taken by Knight Dental Design and are given F.O.C to the patient and dentist.

Smile Transformations is only available to Knight Dental Design clients. New clients can obtain a copy of the book after the completion of three cases with the laboratory.


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