Check your smile

How happy are you with your smile?

While beauty is to some extent in the eye of the beholder there are some universally accepted truths about what makes a great smile.

Check your smile against…

…the most common dental problems, with our 2 minute online smile evaluation. You may print your results and use the form to discuss your concerns with your dentist.

These are the factors to consider when evaluating your smile:

  1. Colour
  2. Proportion
  3. Symmetry
  4. Alignment and Spacing
  5. Tooth Length
  6. Gaps

Please try our smile evaluation questionnaire and use the results to discuss your concerns with your dentist.

Please rate your answers from 1-5 with;

  • 1 being very unhappy
  • 5 being very happy

1. Tooth colour

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No one is turned on by stained or dingy teeth. No matter how good your hygiene the effects of food, drink, smoking and tooth wear will gradually darken the teeth. While you don't have to have the "Hollywood look" a bright clean tooth colour is essential for confident good looks. Tooth whitening and veneering can brighten and whiten your smile.

2. Tooth Proportion

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All individual teeth should have a pleasing size relative to the adjacent teeth. There is a formula called the golden proportion that is used to calculate the ideal relative widths and lengths of the teeth. Oversized front teeth for example can give a "goofy" appearance while very small teeth can result in a "gummy" smile. Teeth can be resized by veneering or gum surgery.

3. Tooth Symmetry

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Ideally the top and bottom teeth should align perfectly with a vertical line running down the middle of the face. The teeth either side of this line should resemble a mirror image of the teeth on the other side. Symmetry can be restored by orthodontics or ceramic veneers.

4. Tooth Alignment and spacing

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Crooked and gappy teeth can be corrected in several ways including veneering, bonding and orthodontics.

5. Tooth Length

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As we age, our teeth can wear down and shorten. This results in a gradual aging of the smile that is often not noticed because the process takes many years. The loss of tooth length also effects the lips and cheeks. As vital muscle support is lost, it creates lines in the mouth corners and around the lips. Restoring tooth length and lip support can have a dramatic rejuvenating effect on the face. Ceramic veneers are an excellent way to rejuvinate a worn, tired or aging smile.

6. Tooth Gaps

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Gaps really spoil your appearance. Once you have a gap, the surrounding teeth will often drift to fill the space, causing misalignment of the other teeth and problems with your bite. The sooner gaps are filled the better, for the health of the remaining teeth. Gaps can be filled with implants or bridge work.

7. Wide Smiles

How happy are you to laugh or smile widely in public?

8. Dental Appearance

How happy are you with your dental appearance?