• Who makes the teeth the dentist or the lab?
    In most cases your new teeth would be made by a Dental Technician in a Dental Laboratory. For simple treatments some dentists make their own crowns etc with a chair-side machine.
  • Are all Dental Labs the same?
    No. Like many industries quality can vary. Some Laboratories specialise in different things such as dentures or braces. Knight Dental Design are specialised in Cosmetic and Implant Dentistry. UK laboratories are highly regulated and subject to inspection by the Medical Devices Agency. Some Dentists use foreign labs who may be unregulated. The results of your treatment depend on your choice of dentist and the quality of their Lab. Ask if your dentist uses a U.K. registered Laboratory. If you are considering cosmetic treatments ask to see examples of the dentist’s or laboratory’s work.
  • Does my dentist use Knight Dental Design?
    Knight Dental Design work with a select group of dentists in the U.K and abroad we currently have dentists in: the UK, Northern and Southern Ireland, Holland, Switzerland, Qatar, Gibraltar and Tasmania. If your dentist does not currently use our laboratory we would be happy to send our Information Pack to them. We can also direct you to your nearest client practice.
  • How long should dental restorations last?
    This will depend on the condition of your teeth and bones and your dental hygiene regime. All restorations require regular check-ups to maintain their condition. Most restorations should last from 5-10 years, many will last much longer. Some of our restorations still look great after 25 years!