Knight Dental Design launch a completely new type of Orthodontic retainer in association with Inman Orthodontics

Posted on June 22, 2016

Introducing the LifeTime Lingualâ„¢ (patent pending).

The LifeTime Lingual is a completely new concept in final retention. Unlike other lingual retainers there are no stainless steel wires, metal bonding pads or fibers. Lifetime Lingual is Cad-Cam designed and precision milled in high strength ceramic hybrid to hold teeth securely, comfortably and hygienically.

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Advantages over traditional retainers:

Lifetime Lingual


  • Highly polished, thin and Vita shaded the Lifetime Lingual is almost invisible.
  • No metal or fibres.


  • Cad-cam milled to precisely fit and follow the tooth contours. The smooth high gloss diamond polished surface reduces plaque and allows much easier cleaning.
  • Cervical embrasures are kept open to facilitate interdental brushing.
Lifetime Lingual


  • Thin (1mm) and slightly flexible, the Lifetime Lingual is thinner than wire or fibre retainers.
  • Smooth high gloss diamond polished surface that is almost undetectable to the tongue.
  • Patients say “I don’t even know its there, it just feels like part of my teeth”.

Secure and Durable

  • Made from a high strength flexible hybrid ceramic that does not chip and does not need fibre reinforcement.
  • Due to the precise custom fit, etched ceramic surface and increased bonding area bonding strength is strong and reliable making debonds less likely.

Easy Fitting

  • Supplied with a location jig it is easy and quick to bond with your preferred resin cement. Fitting surface is etched ready for bonding. Apply Silane as for ceramic veneers and bond with your preferred resin bonding system.
  • Due to the precise fit and minimum cement gap clean up is quick and easy. No polishing of the appliance is needed.
  • Can be fitted with labial wires still in place.

Belt And Braces

  • Lifetime Lingual is supplied with a removable retainer that should be worn at night.

Developed by Inman Orthodontics the Lifetime Lingual is available in the UK and Europe from Knight Dental Design Ltd